Webinars One Click LCA Planetary

Iztok Kamenski Uncategorized @sl

Tuesday 22nd September at 14:00pm CEST:

To welcome our new partners in Europe and MENA, we’ll have another introductory webinar, which you can register for here: https://www.oneclicklca.com/live-webinar-introduction-to-one-click-lca-planetary/

Friday 25th September at 14:00pm CEST:

For those that have previously attended an introduction webinar or have been using Planetary already, we have a session discussing how to optimize for embodied carbon: https://www.oneclicklca.com/live-webinar-optimizing-embodied-carbon-with-one-click-lca-planetary/

In all two webinars, we’ll review the new Planetary features and its availability, so please join us to learn about the latest updates.