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Virtual Arts and Crafts Exhibition – World Oceans Day

In celebration of the World Oceans Day on 8th June, together with Parley Sri Lanka, we invited young creatives to show their love for the oceans through our Virtual Arts and Crafts Exhibition.

COVID-19 pandemic, imposing involuntary displacement from our normal behavioral channels, has shown us that things can be done differently. It has raised far-reaching questions about our health, our environment, our economy and our society; indeed, our way of life. At the same time we also hear many expressions, personal and political, insisting that we should not go back to business as usual, urging that we do not just re-start the economy but we re-set it. The obvious lesion to learn is that, returning to business as usual is not an option.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about an unprecedented shift in the business environment and the entire world has come to a standstill or experienced a dramatic slowdown in economic and social activities. Beyond the immediate concerns of health and economic recovery brought about by the crisis, the deep and pressing challenges of climate change, pollution, resource scarcity, and societal inequality remain highly relevant. If businesses are to prosper in the face of these challenges and deliver long–term value, they would do well to enhance the integration of environmental, social and good gover- nance principles into their products, business models and strategies.

The pandemic is still there, and it has the capacity to produce a major devastation. It is essential that, when we plan our way out of the pandemic, our scope should be firmly guided by the need to re-orient our economies in a more sustainable direction that prioritizes well-being and quality of life over the traditional economic indicators, such as GDP.

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