Green Building Council Kitajska

Iztok Kamenski Uncategorized @sl

The World Green Building Council and China Green Building Council are delighted to announce a partnership to collaborate efforts to increase green buildings around the world and reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

This partnership is hugely significant as China is the largest building construction market in the world, with up to 2 billion square metres constructed annually, accounting for nearly half of new construction globally in the coming decade, and marks a new era in cooperation with our community of Green Building Councils. We look forward to learning from their expertise and experience as we seek to create green buildings for everyone, everywhere.
Under the partnership, China GBC has committed to introducing a nearly net zero standard for its Three Star rating system in 2018 as part of WorldGBC’s Advancing Net Zero project, and will collaborate with other GBCs from around the world in implementation.
Amid issues with urban air pollution, China GBC is committed to the positive impacts that green buildings can have on health and wellbeing, with indoor air quality a key driver for this. As part of this, China GBC will work with WorldGBC on our Better Places for People project.

Due to Chinese regulations, China GBC is not a registered NGO and therefore cannot become a formal member of the WorldGBC. Instead, as China GBC is committed to working with WorldGBC in a similar way to an Established Green Building Council, we have agreed on a close partnership enabling China GBC’s participation in our global movement, but without all the full benefits of an Established Member.

The partnership was formally inaugurated at a signing ceremony on 2 April in Zhuhai, China at the International Conference on Green and Energy-Efficient Building & New Technologies and Products Expo, attended by WorldGBC Chair Tai Lee Siang and Regional Head, Asia Pacific Network Joelle Chen.