ERN Amsterdam Meeting – 11-12 September 2018

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ERN Amsterdam Meeting – 11-12 September 2018

Agenda 11 September @ The Edge (Room 14.05), ​Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970


● Update on key WorldGBC activities and discuss how members are engaging ● Debate key issues for WorldGBC’s global 2019-2021 strategy

● Present v1.0 proposal for ERN’s Vision & Roadmap 12:00-12:30​ Welcome tour of the Edge building – ***Meet in Atrium ground floor *** 12:30-13:30​ Networking lunch – Room 14.05 13:30-14:00​ How the Dutch GBC is transforming the market – Annemarie van Doorn, CEO 14:00-16:00​ Session 1 – Global activities update and shaping our global strategy

● Update: WGBWeek, Advancing Net Zero Commitment, Better Places for People, COP24

● Workshop: Exploring key issues for WorldGBC’s 2019-2021 strategy:​’​How can we focus on impact and scaling our impact? How would we start to track and evidence our impact? What are the barriers here?’ 16:00-16:30​ Coffee break 16:30-18:00​ Session 2 – Regional activities update and shaping our roadmap for Europe

● Update: Membership, Marketing Package, Build Upon, Green Mortgages, Level(s)

● Presentation: v1.0 Vision & Roadmap for Europe and initial Q&A 18:00​ Closing and key goals for tomorrow (followed by free time)
19:30-22:00 Dinner @ ​Gustavino​, ​Gustav Mahlerplein 16

12 September @ CIRCL (Meeting Room 0), ​Gustav Mahlerplein 1B

Objectives ● Hear from leaders of the circular economy

● Reflect on the ERN’s advocacy goals and the current EU agenda

● Discuss and agree key aspects of the ERN’s v1.0 ‘Vision & Roadmap’

● Take action – uniting behind an advocacy position that marks our position as the common voice of sustainable buildings in Europe

08:30-8:50​ Welcome coffee 08:50-09:00​ Day 1 summary and today’s goals 09:00-09:15​ ABN AMRO’s CIRCL building: A case study – Petran van Heel, ABN AMRO 09:15-09:30 Positioning ourselves as the voice for a sustainable built environment in Europe Audrey Nugent, Senior Policy Advisor, WorldGBC Europe 09:30-09:45​ Q&A on Europe’s big political agendas 09:45-12:00​ Workshop – Discussing and agreeing key issues in the ERN’s Vision & Roadmap

● Group 1 – MEMBERSHIP – Would setting collective goals help us work more effectively on key challenges (recruiting members/fundraising) and better identify success/struggle?

● Group 2 – PROJECTS – ​How do we create a projects portfolio that is focused enough to achieve impact and attract finance, but flexible enough to engage diverse GBCs / markets?

● Group 3 – ADVOCACY – The network has ambitions to raise its political profile, but advocacy remains the lowest area of investment for GBCs. How can we learn from those who are successfully influencing policy? ● 10:45-11:00​ Coffee break 12:00-13:00​ Action! Uniting as the common voice of sustainable buildings in Europe

● Discuss ERN public letter on ​EU’s 2050 roadmap to implement the Paris Agreement

● Discuss process for GBC member logos and communication to ministries and Commission 13:00 – GROUP PHOTOGRAPH! 13:00-14:00​ Networking buffet lunch at CIRCL 14:00​ Closing & tour of CIRCL (for those who do not have to travel to airport)


ERN Amsterdam Meeting 11-12 September 2018 – FINAL