Management board of the association

GBC Slovenija

In 2017, a new board of directors of the Slovenian Association for Sustainable Construction - GBC Slovenia was elected in the following composition:



mag. Iztok Kamenski,
Head of JUB Academy, JUB, d.o.o.


dr. Sabina Jordan,
Head of the Laboratory for Thermal Protection and Acoustics, Institute for Construction of Slovenia

dr. Igor Gavrić,
Project manager, CBD, construction and business design.

mag. Miha Tomšič,
Assistant to the head of the Center for the living environment, building physics and energy, ZRMK Institute of Construction.

mag. Primož Praper,
Director, EUTRIP, consulting, research, communication.

Lenka Kavčič,
Director, aFront Institute for Spatial Innovation.

mag. Iva Verbnik,
Director, SOLIS-TR, d.o.o.