About the assosciation

GBC Slovenia


The Slovenian Association for Sustainable Building - Green Building Council Slovenia aims to contribute to the development in the areas of sustainable construction, sustainable development and real estate management with its efforts and work.

GBC is composed of

- Architects and designers,
- manufacturers of building materials,
- producers of technical equipment and service providers for facilities,
- construction companies,
- educational and research institutions (universities, faculties, research institutions, ...),
- investors and property owners (tourism, trade, ministries, public administration ...),
- real estate managers,
- financial institutions (banks, insurance companies),
- and all others who, with their work and products, reach out to the field of green construction and socially responsible attitude towards the natural environment.


The mission of the Slovenian Association for Sustainable Building - Green Building Council Slovenia - is to find and indicate paths and solutions for the promotion and creation of buildings and buildings that are organized in accordance with the criteria of sustainable development.

This includes both the design of buildings as well as their construction and use. The Slovenian Association for Sustainable Construction is understood as a central organization in Slovenia, which encourages and facilitates the exchange of knowledge among professionals and ensures education and awareness of the general public in future oriented areas of construction.

The goal of the Slovenian Association for Sustainable Construction is also to establish a system of evaluation and certification of facilities in accordance with internationally established standards and criteria for sustainable construction.

The Association strives to establish a dialogue between the research and educational sphere. Knowledge transfer and communication between all factors of the interdisciplinary process of building up buildings and other built-in infrastructures are crucial in achieving the high goals of sustainable construction.

Linking construction and all related construction related industries is crucial for development.