TOP CLeveR Logbook: The First Six Months of the Project

Iztok Kamenski Dobro-je-vedeti

In the first half-year of TOP CLeveR, the project’s ambitious journey began with international collaboration and strategic planning. From a dynamic kick-off in Milan to valuable insights gained at a key European meeting in Brussels, these foundational months have set the stage for our mission to elevate the skills of building professionals across Europe.

In October 2023, the TOP CLeveR project officially kicked off with a vibrant meeting in the Isola district of Milan. This initial gathering brought together project partners from six different countries, setting the stage for a collaborative and ambitious three-year journey. This meeting was more than just an introduction; it was an opportunity to share our collective vision and detailed plans, laying a solid foundation for the work ahead.

Shortly after, at the end of October, our team had the privilege of participating in the 15th BUILD UP Skills European exchange meeting in Brussels. This event gathered participants from various EU-funded projects, all united by a common mission: to enhance the skills of building professionals across Europe. During the welcoming session, Silvia Giordano from GBC Italia introduced TOP CLeveR to the assembly of attendees. The two days in Brussels were filled with enriching discussions, insightful exchanges, and a valuable sharing of breakthroughs, challenges, success stories, and lessons learned from BUILD UP Skills projects.

The insights gained from Brussels, combined with the extensive networks of the Green Building Councils (GBCs), were instrumental in our initial phase. We commenced with a comprehensive mapping of existing training programs and qualifications. This foundational work was conducted alongside the identification of our target audience groups, both training consumers and suppliers. These interconnected activities were crucial in preparing for subsequent phases, particularly the drafting of training programs and the development of communication strategies.

A significant milestone in our journey was the consortium workshop. Partners from across the project convened, albeit virtually, to thoroughly analyze and plan the training programs and materials. This workshop was essential in defining our learning objectives, training principles, and strategies tailored to address the diverse needs of our beneficiaries, including white-collar professionals, blue-collar workers, young talents, and women.

Having spent these first six months dedicated to preliminary analysis and meticulous planning, we are now poised to advance into the development phase. Our next steps involve creating training content designed to equip white-collar and blue-collar workers with the vital WCRLZ skills.
As we move forward, we are energised and committed to translating our plans into impactful actions, ensuring that our training programs are both relevant and effective for all our target groups. The journey of TOP CLeveR has just begun, and we are excited about the future milestones and achievements that lie ahead.